10 Years of Living in Thailand – Q&A with me and a Thai

It’s been over a decade since I moved to Thailand and while I’ve showcased photos of people from various nationalities on the blog, there haven’t been many Thais. I’ve written several times that Thai modeling agencies tend to have people from other countries, and if you do come across Thais, they don’t have the distinctive […]

NikCollection 6 (the first good Viveza in years!) and tests with Sophie

I recently did tests with Sophie from England, so today, while briefly discussing NikCollection 6, you will see her photos. The agency that represents her in Thailand is quite specific because it specializes in models with partially Asian facial features, while other agencies in Bangkok also have plenty of typically white models. Unlike many “normal” […]

Kate in gold and video backstage

This will be a short post, as I am including a video at the end that shows the course of the photo session. So I’ll focus on what you can’t see. Last summer, I wrote on my blog: “two unique models from Belarus caught my eye (…) during my trip, their stay in Thailand was […]

Lera from Ukraine and considerations about new lamps

Today in the photos, you will see Lera, who is represented by Apple Models during her contract in Thailand. I did some tests with her on Tuesday afternoon, but I won’t focus on them today. I think I mentioned recently that I am slowly starting to think about changing my studio lamps, so I did […]