Thomas Voland – Born in Poland, he has been living in Bangkok for many years. He has been dabbling in graphic design and photo editing since he can remember. His first computer came with Corel software, which was later replaced by Photo Impact 3, included in a magazine. When he started professional retouching, he had to learn everything from scratch. He always wanted to create photorealistic drawings, but his artistic skills and talent are limited to drawing rectangles. He might have learned more if he progressed from rectangles to cubes, but he immediately attempted to draw faces, as he was only interested in human subjects. Around 2008, he almost bought his first camera. Almost, because he spent so much time analyzing his choice that he ended up browsing hundreds of online auctions, reading every available camera review, and… abandoning the idea. In mid-2009, he finally purchased a Nikon D60 (which he quickly replaced with another model), did his first photo session in 2010, and in 2011 realized that photography was far better than photorealistic drawings. He decided to focus on fashion and beauty photography. Eventually, he abandoned everything else to dedicate himself exclusively to photography and related activities – one of which is the website you’re visiting. He has no interest in architectural, wedding, automotive, macro, or product photography.

He is the author of the most popular professional photo retouching course (available only in Polish). He previously conducted photography workshops as well. He has also provided photo retouching services and, at the end of 2013, relocated to Asia (Bangkok), where he has been living ever since. He has no plans to move back to Poland.

In recent years, he has also been working on 3D graphics, is interested in artificial intelligence, and co-hosts a Polish technology podcast called “Nadgryzieni“.

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